Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Oh What A Big Belly You Have!

Penny, ate well at dinner on Saturday night and put her big belly on display!
We had a good, busy weekend. It was Craig and my 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We celebrated with chicken and chips for dinner. Nick had another great game of soccer and Penny danced well on Saturday. On Sunday we went down to a restaurant at the beach and enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast, followed by a play on the turtle playground and a frolic on the beach. It was interesting to see all of the dead foliage at the back of the sand that must have washed in during the cyclone and there were many more interesting shells.
I attended scrapbooking on Sunday afternoon with the club at a new air conditioned venue which was very comfortable and great to catch up. The conversation was mostly about our retreat which is on in 10 days. Everyone is very excited and getting organised to maximise the number of LO's they hope to achieve. I did a LO on Sunday which was from the March challenge pack to be displayed in April. I love the owls - so cute.
This morning my baby Cricut went to a new home, thank you Joanne. I decided to part with it as I use it very infrequently now that I have the big Cricut. I still have the special tote/bag if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
I also forgot to mention previously that Nick has moved up to level 3 at swimming. He was so happy as Penny is hot on his tail moving through the ranks. He received a certificate which he was very proud of. He had an audience yesterday at swimming as 2 of his friends from school came home with us yesterday. They had a fun afternoon.

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Cassie and Co said...

At least it looks like you give her a good feed each day. Good on you Mum.