Sunday, 15 March 2009

Winners All Round

In full flight

Nick scaring the opposition!

Nick had his first game of soccer yesterday. He plays for Diggers (as Craig did) in the under 6 green team. They had a great game and won the day although the score is not kept. Nick didn't score any goals but he helped set some up. Auntie Annette was in town and came out to watch his first game with Grandma so he was very honoured.

I was also a winner during the week. The LO that I did for the shop from the January pack won and I received a lovely prize of papers and embellishments.
The weather has cleared up and that horrid Hamish bid us farewell towards the end of last week. We had about 2inches of rain on Friday and passing showers yesterday although I managed to get a weeks worth of washing done. Today is sunny and bright and hot again - great sheet and towel drying weather. I can hardly wait to do all of that ironing tonight - hope there's a good movie on!
Poor little Penny has another viral illness. She's had a croaky voice for a couple of weeks which has transpired into a upper respiratory cough. Yesterday morning she woke up with a red rash on her legs which got a bit worse throughout the day and by last night when we had pulled her out of the bath her little legs were covered in this red welty rash and quite swollen making it difficult to get her shoes on. I took her to the doctor and he checked her out and decided that they were hives probably from her virus but her lungs were fine. So a bit of Claratyne has helped settle the legs down a little but it could take up to 5 days so we weren't shocked when the welts were still there this morning.
We are having a quiet Sunday as Craig has gone away for the day to play match play golf. We took the bikes up to the park this morning and then we're off to have afternoon tea with my goddaughter and family before a family dinner with Annette and Pam.

Have a good week.

Rach xx

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Karen M said...

Hey - Rach - Happy Belated birthday - seem you share it with Jeff ( and 2 other friends of ours- v. popular day!!)
Hope Miss P is feeling better - thanks for your get well wishes - I am on the mend..