Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cleaning Up The Yard

is what we did today. The cyclone is very slow moving but it's path is tracked to land near us so we decided to clear the yard of all furniture, toys and garden implements. It certainly looks much cleaner. The winds are starting to pick up this evening. I'm feeling a little panicky as I have never experienced a cyclone or flood before and the unsurity of its path is quite disconcerting. Time will tell and I'm keeping an eye on the tracking chart. - just click on the link (the words, tracking chart) if you're interested.
We had a lovely high tea at a good friends' house this afternoon whom we haven't caught up with for ages. Thank you Joanne and Bruce is was delicious and great to see you both. The kids all had a great play.
OK better go and do the ironing for the week and make the shopping list for tomorrow to stock up on non perishables. Will try and post again tomorrow with some photos.

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Mizzy said...

It would really makes you feel relaxed and calm if the surroundings of your house is clean and well managed. Also, keeping all your furniture where they should be is a friendly reminder to keep your children from harm.