Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wet Weekend

Our lives revolved around the water this weekend. On Saturday, I found the pool in the shed much to the children's delight. Penny kept jumping up and down screaming "Clever Mummy" and kissing me on the leg. They had great fun splashing around and running up and jumping in. It looked rather like wombat stew by the time they'd finished with lots of grass in it.
Craig took our big boat out to sea and came home with a good catch on Saturday. I was especially pleased to see our favourite fish (photo) in the esky - black king or cobia. When cooked it is slightly drier than other reef fish and it has a very fine flake which I enjoy.
On Sunday, our plans for a beach BBQ breakfast were foiled by light rainy showers. We had a slow morning and the kids ventured back into the pool. After midday sleeps, the sun was shining so we went to the beach where the kids played on the playground and then we ventured down onto the beach. Penny and I built sandcastles and Nick and Craig went to the water in the hope that Nick might ride his boogy board but at first he wouldn't even get in the water. After a little more coaxing he went and played in the shallow waves without the board. I think he will have to build his confidence over the Summer to graduate to the board. Our afternoon was finished off with yummy ice creams.

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Petrina McDonald said...

looks like we will have to make a trip to the beach together so Angus can show Nicholas what to do on the boogie board then ;-)