Sunday, 30 November 2008

Lesson 1...

in how to fall out of bed - load your bed with toys so that you have a slither left to sleep on! When I went to bed last night, here was Penny with her toys stacked beside her. Clearly, she doesn't go straight to sleep when we turn out her light. I just had to take a photo and straight after I did she rolled out of bed onto the pillows beside her bed. Luckily she didn't really wake so that once I'd cleared the toys out of the way she went straight back to sleep.I have been very busy creating Christmas cards this week (about 36 all up). I am really pleased with the way they turned out but unfortunately I ran out of envelopes so I hope to have them in the post by tomorrow afternoon. I also had to do up my annual Christmas letter and some photos of the children to slip in each.
Yesterday was a very hot and humid day so the children were content to stay in the air conditioning. To keep them amused we built a cubby house out of sheets hung off the clothes line in the garage. They had a great time playing. In the afternoon, Petrina, Angus and Thea came for a visit so the girls played babies and the boys played Lego and soccer amongst other things.
Today the children and I attended their friend, Zac's birthday party at a bowling and leisure centre. They had a great time bowling, playing on the adventure park and massive slide as well as in the games arcade. The lady from the centre who hosted the party was excellent and looked after the kids very well including taking Penny down the big slide.
This evening we enjoyed fish and chips down at the beach. It was beautiful down there, almost cool after the very hot day we have had. Well I'm hitting the sack as I have a busy week ahead trying to complete the Christmas shopping. I think I'll surprise the children tomorrow and we'll put the Christmas tree up after school, only I'll have to start early as the tree itself takes an hour to put up. Will post some photos of our efforts during the week.

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ginamd said...

Rach, It's Gina! Just received your Christmas Card, Thankyou!!
You are such a priceless friend.
I hope your mum has recovered and congratulations to Craig on his job! Seems the travel hasn't affected his handicap!

Much Much Love Gina Richard and Zaelia xx