Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spunky Boy!

On Friday, Nick had a free-dress day and crazy hair day. He had an enormous amount of product in his hair to make it spiky. Whilst it made his ears look bigger than ever, I thought he looked cuter than ever. Some of the other children had added colour and glitter.
During the week Nick was given a star writer award much to his mother's relief. I thought he'd never write but I have come to realise that Nick is going to be as stubborn as me and things will happen on his time!
On Thursday, Nick's class did an experiment with bicarb soda and vinegar which Nick called his potion. He had made the potion at home on Tuesday night and then told his teacher all about it on Wednesday. His teacher decided that it would be fun for the class to do so we did a "How To Do" sheet up on the computer and Nick got to stand in front of the class with his teacher whilst they did the experiment. He was so pleased with himself as we were proud. Clever Boy! xoxo

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