Sunday, 9 November 2008

Family Fun Day

The highlight of our weekend was Nicholas' school's family fun day. It opened with the school drum band who managed very well despite the hot, humid and very windy weather. As soon as they were finished the rides wound up. Penny was a little timid but Nick couldn't wait (he had an unlimited ride pass). He went on the spinning tea-cups, then up to have a sausage in bread and then back down to the rides.
He rode on the spinning chairs, down the huge slide, bounced in the bouncing castle and also bounced down the bouncy slide. He wanted to have a go at the rock wall climbing but the line up was long and didn't clear quickly enough for his liking. I think he may have been a little short to attempt it. Penny was most taken with the dunking tub whose contestants were teachers and every participant who payed $2 for 3 throws was guaranteed a dunking. In other words they kept throwing past their 3 throws if required. Penny was quite happy to sit on the grass and watch the teachers get dunked - very funny. Nicholas dunked the school policeman! He hit the target on the first throw but it wasn't hard enough but on the third throw the dunking occurred.
Penny managed to gain enough courage to venture on to the teacup ride with me but during the ride she wanted me to get off as she is a big girl now. The kids also enjoyed the bottle stall, lucky dip, balls in the clown's mouth and fairy floss. There was also a thong throwing competition and a tug of war. Luckily the predicted storms didn't arrive until 10.30pm last night. It was a great afternoon and the children can hardly wait until next year. There was no resistance to bedtime last night.
In other news, Nick was awarded worker of the week on Friday. I manged to juggle work so that I could see him awarded with his ribbon at morning parade. His teacher had written a lovely poem about him and I felt very proud of him. Hopefully I can get a copy of it for his scrapbook.

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