Monday, 24 November 2008

Did I forget to mention ...

that we won the raffle at the fun day for Nick's class painting? We didn't find out until the Monday as we had missed our name being announced on the day. Nick is pointing to the gardenia leaf from our garden that he stamped onto the canvas. I think the children did a great job. We are going to hang it in our back room where the children play as it is difficult to find a wall big enough that doesn't have a window or another piece of art hanging on it. It will be in the main thoroughfare to the backyard so should be well viewed.
In other news, Nick and Penny haven't been on top of the world. Nick came down with conjunctivitis yesterday and Penny has had diarrhoea for the last 6 days. After a trip to the Doc today and a poo sample to pathology we are hoping that Penny's tummy will settle down tomorrow. No swimming tomorrow for either of the children.
I attended a 3 hour class at the local scrapbooking shop on Saturday which was great fun and very productive for me - 2 LO's done. My friend, Petrina was the teacher and it was lovely to meet some new scrapping people as well as catch up with some old ones. I just have to finish the journalling and then will put them on maybe tomorrow. We visited the beach on Sunday and despite a cool breeze Nick had a great time wallowing in the waves. Amazingly the tables have reversed and Penny appears to be the scaredy cat this year. She's a mad sandcastle builder though. We also enjoyed coffee and cake at a local strawberry farm which has the most beautiful gardens.
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Sandra L said...

I love the Canvas. Just my sort of art work. I so understand about the beach. Makayla went from eating the sand one year to not wanting to be put down on the sand the next year and now she just wants to stand in the waves as they crash against her legs. They are funny little people. Sandra xx