Sunday, 7 March 2010

Webbed Feet...

is what we will have if this rain continues. It rained all last week with a break yesterday allowing me to get all of the washing for the week done. Back to same old same old last night and today with steady rain most of the day. Pity we can't send some to WA and SA. We bought a Wii game console about a month ago and it has received a good work out today!
Penny had a visit to the doctor last week with infected eczema on her ankle. She ended up with antibiotics and cortisone cream which both worked like magic and very quickly much to my relief. Nick continues with his weekly super spelling awards which is most pleasing and his incentive is a lunch order on the following Friday, proving to be more frequent than I expected.

Craig was away for three days at the beginning of last week so I managed to do a bit of scrapping and was able to do the bike LO of Nick today. The Santa photo is from Christmas. On the LO with Penny and Nicholas from daycare, there is a crochet flower and leaf that my mother-in-law, Pam made for me. I have her on the job to make me some more small flowers as they are lovely and so intricate. I need to put it all away and churn out another ultrasound newsletter but I haven't had any article contributions for the month so my enthusiasm has waned somewhat.
Have a good week.
Rach xx


Petrina McDonald said...

ooooohhh....i spotted that flower and leaf straight away!! v.nice indeed!! good work Pam (oh, and good work Rachael on the layout of course!). The tuckshop lunch bribe sounds like a fantastic idea :)

Linda M said...

Nice layouts and nice flower from your mother-in-law. I also recognise the other flower - is it from the swap we had?

Rachael B said...

Yes the other flower is from the swap we had - thankyou to Miss Petrina!