Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What A Shiner!

Poor Nicholas was hit in the side of the eye with a tennis racquet today. I had to go across to the school to make sure I was happy for him to return to class. He was lucky that he didn't have a head ache! He is sporting some very nice blue, pink and purple eyeshadow, a swollen eyelid and a blue/purple lump with a red stripe through it at the corner of his eyebrow. He went onto swimming and soccer this afternoon without any trouble. As you can see he was really impressed about having his photo taken.
More bad news today, in that my Canon 18-55mm lens has decided to give up the ghost and won't auto focus anymore. Pretty disappointing seeing as the lens is only 2yrs old exactly! I knew I kept my trusty Canon film SLR for a reason. I am able to use the lens from it for the time being until I decide which new lens to purchase.
I finished another LO today - happy scrapping Wednesday today as my monthly ultrasound newsletter is done! Next project is to design some Easter bonnets for the kids to wear to their Easter hat parades at school and daycare next Friday.


Sarah Lou said...

ouch! for both the poor real boy and the other canon child!! That is quiet a shiner! love that layout, love how so much is going on but its still really easy on teh eye!!!

Linda M said...

Quite a shiner Nicholas, at least mum might get a page layout out of it. Hope he's okay Rachael.