Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Birthday Wishes

I had another birthday on Saturday but had very little time to commiserate about getting older as we had the usual tennis and dancing. Saturday afternoon was spent adjusting the children's costumes before attending the school fancy dress ball on Saturday evening. Nicholas went as a knight of Camelot and Penny, as Cinderella. The children had a good time. Nick had fun playing tiggy on the dance floor and Penny just went and stood with a big group of girls and danced.

On Sunday, we went to a restaurant at the beach for breakfast followed by a play on the turtle playground. I spent a lovely afternoon scrapbooking with my scrapbooking group and achieved 2 simple LO's. The slice I took for afternoon tea was devoured and I have promised to put the recipe up on the blog - tomorrow, I promise!


Petrina McDonald said...

you mean I missed out on slice? you'll have to make that one again i think!! Love that pic of Penny with the superhero bib LOL!!

Sarah Lou said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Im macking on both of those layouts. extra adore the mini superhero one!