Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm Back

in the land of blog again at last. I don't like my blog staying the same for longer than a week but I have been too busy with other tasks. One of which is helping the children to make their Easter hats for day care and school parades. I only have a photo of Nick so far as his parade was last week. Auntie Trudie sent us some great chicken and eggshell cut outs which were great. We then cut out some shapes on the Cricut using my new Easter cartridge and Nick coloured them in and stuck them on. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend the parades this year as they're on my work days.

Craig and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on the Sunday before last. I bought him a Wii Bass fishing game which is great fun and the way I like to go fishing - no smell, no clean up and best of all no sea sickness!!! I had to have a rest from it last week as I was getting blisters on my thumb. I received a beautiful bunch of roses.

I attended a friend's Stampin' Up party a couple of weeks ago and so have enjoyed trying out all of the new stamps that I have bought. For those non scrappers, Stampin' Up is a party plan company like Tupperware but they sell stamps and associated products. As you can imagine I really can't help myself as their products are beautiful!

Nick got his first goal at soccer on Saturday - hooray. It was the only one for his team for the game and he was most pleased.

I flew down to join Craig in Brisbane on Saturday evening so that we could attend my first rugby league game on Sunday. Craig's company has a corporate box so we were treated to food and drinks whilst we watched the great spectacle unfold before us. We stayed with Richard (my brother) and Trudie and their gorgeous children, Alexandra and Lachlan. It was great to catch up with them although unfortunately our time was all too short as Craig needed to return to work after we drove back on Monday. Nevertheless it was a lovely break and our children had a great time being spoilt by Grandma at home.

Well off to complete the teacher's Easter present boxes and then I need to start preparing for my scrapbooking retreat which is only 2.5 wks away - can't wait!! We are looking forward to a quiet, restful Easter at home perhaps with a spot of fishing on the river (not the Wii kind).

I'll be back soon with a photo of Penny's Easter hat.

Rach xx

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