Sunday, 28 February 2010

Roll Up, Roll Up...

the circus is in town! On Saturday afternoon, the children and I attended the Lennon Brothers' Circus. I had only told them I had a surprise for them if they were good. Penny's face lit up when we arrived as she's never been to a circus. Nick was a little unsure as the last circus he attended didn't have animals which he found a little boring. The children loved the 1hr45min show despite the hot, humid weather. There was everything you could imagine and more. On the way out we collected some show bags which were full of cheap bits and pieces but reasonable value for $8 and have kept the kids busy all day.This week I have been busy catching up after a weekend away. Managed to practice a little with my camera today. I have done a little scrapbooking and I'm looking forward to the commencement of Autumn tomorrow and some slightly cooler weather. We had a lovely walk this morning along a new path beside the bush. There were swarms of butterflies and beautiful flowers after all of the rain we've had. Unfortunately I couldn't take my camera as it was rainig a little. I know where to venture when the weather clears soon.
Have a good week.
Rach xx


Petrina McDonald said...

glad to hear the circus was a hit :)

Shandell said...

The circus - how exciting :) Hopefully the rain will clear up soon and you can take some pics of the flowers & butterflies.