Monday, 22 February 2010

Photography Weekend

I had a lovely weekend away with friends, old and new in Hervey Bay where we attended a photography workshop. The photographer was the very talented Janine Kaye who was once a radiographer/sonographer like me and is now a full time photographer with a studio and very busy business. I never thought that I would be able to use my camera on the 'M' mode (manual) as it required too many complicated adjustments. Well Janine explained it in a way which made perfect sense to me. Whilst I still have so much to learn and 'PRACTICE', I feel some confidence and justification for having a digital SLR camera. There were only 13 attendees, so I felt comfortable to ask questions. We stayed at Eden By The Bay on the Esplanade which was surrounded by restaurants, the beach and a great kids water park 5 mins up the road. The workshop was held in one of the apartments and they also catered for us. They couldn't have looked after us better and the food and coffee was delicious. We also managed a visit to a scrapbooking shop in Hervey Bay on Friday afternoon and made a few purchases.
Great Weekend!! Photos to follow.
Rach xxx


Lelli said...
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Lelli said...

You lucky woman Rachael. So green with envy.

Petrina McDonald said...

it was great, wasn't it? :) thanks for being our driver :)))