Thursday, 3 December 2009

Just Survivng

This week would be the craziest with a Santa visit and swimming on Monday, parent-teacher interview and Christmas tree decorating on Tuesday, dancing rehearsal on Wednesday, work today, dancing dress rehearsal and work tomorrow and 3 dance concerts on the weekend as well as a 40th birthday party to attend. I'm just taking it one day at a time and it's running pretty smoothly. I think our little girl will be pretty tired by the end of the weekend. She was quite disappointed that she wasn't on stage for long after her rehearsal yesterday and wanted to stay and go back on. The rehearsals are closed to the public so we can't see them rehearsing on stage and just wait out the back. We will go and watch her on Sunday.
I haven't loaded my Christmas/Santa photos yet so as I promised in the last post, here is a photo of Nicholas being kissed by a dolphin in Coffs Harbour in September. By the way, he had a good report from the parent-teacher interviews. Also finished my 40 Christmas cards- Yay!!!

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Sandra L said...

That is a fantastic photo Rachael. Sounds like you are in for a very busy week.