Sunday, 6 December 2009

Our Pretty Ballerina

Penny performed in her dance concert (x3) on the weekend. She danced in 3 concerts, Saturday matinee, Saturday evening and Sunday matinee. We watched her today. Penny's act was 3rd from the beginning so she was able to come in and watch the rest of the concert which was 3.5hrs long. She loved it all. Nicholas was quite interested too and didn't want to return home at interval time with Craig. Grandma (Craig's mother) also came to watch. Penny performed very well and seemed to really enjoy performing on stage. She received a certificate at the end of the concert. Her group is called Kinda dance and they all looked so cute. Dancing has now finished for the year and next year she will go up a group to the "Tinnies". I will not stay with her for her lessons which she feels most confident and excited about. We are very proud of our little ballerina.
PS - This is post number 100! When I first began this blog I really didn't think that I would keep it going. I enjoy writing it and hope that it gives our friends and family afar and near, some idea of what is going on in our busy life. I find it quite handy to refer back to previous entries when journalling in my scrapbooking.


Sarah Lou said...

congratulations on post 100!
that is the cutest ballerina you have there!!

Petrina McDonald said...

congratulations gorgeous ballerina Penny!!!