Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Spirit

My children have plenty of it at present! They are very excited but on the down side get quite testy at times. Nick was very happy to finish school last Friday and has been quite happy to do things around home. He is very interested in Pokemon books at present and has been writing about them which is quite pleasing. Penny is unsure of having Nick home as we don't have our girl time but she is enjoying Nick's company out in the yard where they have made a cubby in the back corner garden.

We had a quiet weekend which was lovely as we all needed a recharge and catch up. We did go out to a restaurant at the beach for breakfast on Sunday which was yummy and the kids had a play in the playground.
This week I have been good and frequented the gym although my muscles are letting me know today! We went to visit a school friend of Nick's who is camping at the beach on Monday and the boys had a great time in the surf on their boogey boards and swimming. Today, Nick tried out for level 5 at swimming in which the teacher stands out of the pool and the kids swim up and down the lanes. He did struggle a bit but really enjoyed it and so he will start next year in this group. He is going so well with his swimming and has decided that eating vegetables is important after all if he wants to have the stamina to swim and play his sports. I only hope he keeps going along this track.

I have managed to complete my Christmas cards and letters and wrap and post the Christmas presents and managed to fit in a little bit of scrapping too.

Have a good week.

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