Sunday, 22 November 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

is what I have been which is very common for most at this time of year. School activities, dancing costumes, fun fair, swimming, Christmas cards, Christmas presents and silly me decided it is time for spring cleaning. Wow have I made some room in my cupboards by reorganisation and throwing out junk. I have sent piles of clothes to charity, put all of the baby toys away and reorganised the children's cupboards. The main stimulus for the clean was Penny's bedroom MESS. She is not great at cleaning up and so I have hopefully made it a bit easier by giving everything a place in a box in the cupboard. It was driving me mad. I have now moved onto my scrapbooking room which I share with the kids and we are working on making it a little more aesthetic.

We enjoyed the school fun fair last weekend. It went well despite the hot day and we raised approximately $4500 for the P&C. Penny had her face painted and looked gorgeous. She had to sleep with it on and ended up with glitter all over her pillow. I rubbed it off in the bath on Sunday night despite great resistance. Nick had a fun time going off with his friends to the rides. He even managed to climb the rock wall and ring the bell after putting some strategies in place after a couple of failed attempts.
Our friends, Marcus and Maree had a baby boy, Dylan during the week. All went well and we went to visit them today. He is just gorgeous and it is lovely to see them so happy and settled in their new home.
I made some more Christmas cards today and am up to 22 now so over half way.
More of the same this week- spring cleaning, card making, dancing bows etc, etc. I am feeling good though and on top of everything before school breaks up in a few weeks. I can't believe Nick will be finished Yr 1 so soon. He can't wait for holidays. Nick was moved up again at swimming this week to Level 5. He is just leap-frogging ahead now. I haven't included a photo of him for a while so will endeavour to do so next time. This is a very long post so shall sign off now.
Have a good week. Rach :)


Sandra L said...

Love the Christmas Cards. I so understand with the cleaning of the rooms Rachael. I do think it must be a girl thing as my two are not too good at the cleaning either. I have also done the box thing in Kirsty's room and I do think it has helped. Have fun this week.

Petrina McDonald said...

now that is one bug i really would like to catch - the cleaning bug that is!!!! can't wait to see the new and improved scrap room ;-)