Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas Cards Started....Check!

Yes you've read correctly. I am already starting my cards for the Festive Season. My list has been whittled down over the years and I only have to make about 40. This year I have decided to use some die cuts from patterned paper that I have had for a couple of years and can't really use in a LO. The only drawback with this is that all of the cards are different. I usually mass produce the one design but am quite enjoying the challenge of different designs. I have only made 7 so the novelty may wear off halfway through. They are simple but I think effective.
Life is just speeding along as usual. Nicholas is becoming increasingly tired as the term wears on and finding homework a huge struggle. My fears were allayed the other night when I met with some other parents for our weekly fun fair meeting and found that all of their children are over it too. Speaking of which the school fun fair is on this weekend so we are hoping for a lovely day. This week will be busy with last minute organisational bits and pieces. The children are very excited and can hardly wait for the rides, lucky dip, fairy floss and much more. Penny received these gorgeous Dorothy dinosaur togs for her birthday and she looks so cute in them.

Yesterday, Nicholas and I went to see Astroboy at the movies. It was not on the top of my "To See" list but I have to say it was quite a good movie with some good messages. Not for the littlies though as some scary bits. Then home for a quick lunch and Penny and I went to see The Fairies stage show. She dressed up in her fairy outfit and loved the show, so much so that she cried when it was finished. It was well done and quite humourous in parts.
Have a good week.
Rach xx

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Petrina McDonald said...

oh isn't she sweet! go Rachael the chrissie card super maker!!!! they are looking good :)