Sunday, 1 November 2009

Gingerbread Girl

Penny received this cute apron along with a matching pot holder (mini child size) and gingerbread man cutter for her birthday from Auntie Trudie, Uncle Richard, Alex and Lachie. We decided to try them out on Tuesday. Unfortunately I didn't have any ginger but we all think that they tasted better without it. The first batch were a little squashed as I put them too close to each other on the tray and the next batch ended up a little to browned as I forgot them. We plan to make another batch this week and I'm sure they'll be perfect as we are much more experienced. Penny didn't have the patience (nor did mother) to pipe on their faces and clothes so we just iced them in yellow and blue icing and added choc bits for buttons and sprinkles. Nicholas and Penny have eaten the lot so they must have been acceptable.We've had a reasonably quiet weekend as Craig has been away (in town) on a boys' weekend. I managed to complete the LO that I began last Sunday. I love this "Pennyroyale" pack from Kaisercraft it is so ornate and pretty. Petrina thinks it's just because it features my daughter's name. The name actually suits Penny as she thinks that she's quite royal especially when I ask her to tidy her room and she is too tired and thinks Mummy can do it.

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Petrina McDonald said...

well you know I would buy paper if it featured my daughter's name but I don't think they are going to bring one out called thea-miss-know-it-all any time soon ;-) I DO love the colour of this LO - the red gives it that POW factor!!!