Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quiet Days

Not much to report here at the moment and I'm cherishing it. Penny was a little social butterfly on the weekend with 2 birthday parties to attend. Both parties were at the bowling and leisure centre and the kids enjoyed the big slide and jumping castle. Penny asked me why we weren't going again on Monday! Nick managed a play at both parties and Craig and he had a ride on the dodgem cars on Sunday which he loved.
I've had a lovely week and feel quite pampered with having my nails done, going to a Body Shop party where we had a hand bath, exfoliation and massage and then off to have my hair done.
Only this week and next until school holidays which we are looking forward to. Before then we have a dancing concert, sportsday and extra working days so we can't wait for the rest.

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Sandra L said...

Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. I too am counting down the sleeps until school holidays. Hope you have a great week.