Sunday, 21 June 2009

Penny Bettina...Pretty Ballerina!

Today, our gorgeous daughter performed on stage with her kinda dance class at a concert in front of about 200 people. She was so brave and went up all by herself and performed with her partner whom she only practiced with yesterday. Before that she wouldn't practice with anyone but Mummy. She remembered her dance quite well and then the group sang "Twinkle, twinkle little star" into the microphone which was very sweet. The concert featured all of the different classes from our dance school. It went for 3.5hrs and whilst Craig and Nick left after an hour, Penny was mesmerised and wanted to stay for the whole time. She kept wanting to get back up on stage and dance. At the end she was awarded with a certificate, pencil and colouring book. Penny really enjoyed seeing the older children perform who help out in her class. There certainly are some very talented children who can dance and sing at our dance school. Penny's favourite was a solo ballerina who was spectacular in dancing and appearance with the most stunning ballet tutu. It was a really special day, one that mother and daughter both really enjoyed.
After the concert we went onto a baby shower for one of my work friends which was a lovely girly way for us to top off our Sunday. No troubles getting little possum to bed tonight.

We enjoyed a busy weekend. I went out on Friday night to a Chicken and Chablis dinner and enjoyed delicious food and wine. It was a great fun night with a circus theme and a talented clown in attendance. Saturday was busy with the usual dancing, soccer and golf for Craig. On Saturday night we met up with some friends and their baby and ventured to a local Mexican restaurant which we all enjoyed. Penny loves going out to dinner. Quite a little lady with expensive tastes at 3! Whilst we were at dancing today, the boys left and went out fishing in the little boat and although they didn't bring any fish home they had a good adventure. We've had a great weekend.

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Petrina McDonald said...

I am so glad she enjoyed the concert - and doesn't she look just gorgeous!!! I'll have to show this pic to Thea so she believes that Penny IS a ballerina!!!