Monday, 23 January 2012

School Begins 2012

Nick and Penny headed back to school today. Nick is starting Year 4 and Penny Year 1. They were looking forward to seeing all of their friends again but Nick, not so much the learning and hard work thing. Penny is not too interested in 'serious' homework as it may cut into her afternoon play. All in all they seemed to have a good day, particularly Penny. Nick is not so sure about his teacher but she has big shoes to fill after the wonderful teacher he had last year. Hopefully just first day jitters. Penny was allowed to wear the school dress for the first time today, thanks to a hand-me-down from her cousin Alex. They are not allowed to wear the dress in Prep, so all of the little girls in Year 1 had them on today. Penny also talked me into buying a pair of Mary Jane shoes for her to wear with her dress. The dress is a little big but looks very cute. Nick and Penny certainly have grown in size and appearance from the first day last year (photos here).
We have had good holidays. The children did some fun things at vacation care. They went roller skating which Penny was very nervous about but she apparently did very well and was asking to go back the next day. Nick spent more time on his bottom and came home with many bruises but he only has two speeds - zero and flat out! We visited GOMA with some friends and saw Magic Land and the Spot Room. The children also spent many days at the next door neighbours (over the back fence) playing and swimming in their pool. Rather than having to walk around to each others' front doors, we have swinging fence slats that allow the kids to come and go so that they don't have to walk on the road - perfect arrangement.
In other news I have chosen to take on another day of work - 4 days per week but only school hours (20hrs). We are trialling it to see if I manage and whether there is enough work for me. More excitingly, I had a layout published in Scrapbooking Memories V14No4 which arrived today. It's a LO of baby Penny in the pram (pink with lots of ribbon strips)and is on the 2nd last page of LO's prior to all of the advertising. So if you're passing the newsagent, have a squiz. I have also had another LO accepted for photographing and possible publishing.
Have a good week.
Rach :)

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Linda M said...

Well done on your published layouts, so glad you are keeping up with scrapbooking. Its amazing how Penny and Nick have grown since last years photo. Glad to hear you have all settled in Brisbane.