Wednesday, 25 January 2012

It Doesn't Rain, It Pours!

It has been pouring with rain here for 2.5days. Thank goodness we've had a reprieve late this afternoon. Many of those flooded last year must be feeling a touch of deja vu and very anxious. It has been taking me 55mins to get to work which is double the time. No accidents just slow moving traffic in the rain and also return to school traffic.
Nick and Penny are going well at school but glad to have a day off tomorrow. We don't have any Australia Day plans. Just waiting to see what happens with the weather. Craig is flying back from Bundaberg tonight and his plane has been very delayed due to bad weather.
Thought I'd share my latest and greatest. First is my new (and first ever) mixmaster. I love it. I leave it on the bench top so that I use it. I have made cakes, biscuits, pikelets and bread rolls which the kids love. I am yet to make a meringue/pavlova - maybe tomorrow.
Next is my new Oroton handbag. Couldn't walk past such a good sale and with some Christmas money I had received, decided to lash out. I have been looking at these cute bags for a long time and it was just the colour I wanted.
Thought I better get up to date with sharing some more LO's. I managed to complete 68 last year and still have about 10 to share from 2011. I have done 4 LO's this year so far. So here are some Christmas LO's from 2006. 

Have a happy Australia Day tomorrow whatever you decide to do.

Rach xx


Linda M said...

Lucky lady with your mixmaster, hope you have lots of fun with it. Lovely layouts Rachael.

Shandell said...

You have been spoilt with that lovely mixmaster :) All your baking sounds very delicious! You have been scrapping up a storm - love the layouts :)