Monday, 2 January 2012

One Little Word ...

Well here it is, my one little word for 2012 is:

This is almost a polar opposite to 2011 word - RELAX. I don't think that I relaxed so much as fell into a bit of a rut. So onwards and upwards with some motivation to kick start my positive thinking, exercise, eating well and learning to love life again. I think lists are also a good idea for me as I just love crossing things off. Perhaps a little notebook for beside my bed so that I can make a list at night or before I rise in the morning. Nothing like a list of new goals on the left of my blog and a pretty new header that I poached from here to give me some motivation ;)

What is your one little word for 2012?

Rach xx


Helen said...

I love it Rachael and I could share your word but I think I'm going with Achieve. Best of luck this year keeping your motivation going.
;) Helen

Linda M said...

Love the new blog header Rachael, I can think of a few new words for my 2012, but I think they all sum up to willpower, which I need in buckets, willpower to get healthy, not to spend so much money on stuff I don't need, to get all that I want to get done in 2012 and more importantly to organise my life.... Happy New Year Rachael and hopefully will see you at the retreat.