Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thomas LO

Here is the LO of Nick that I finished earlier in the week. He was 2y8mths and so cute and mischievous and absolutely besotted with Thomas.
I have been planning some LO to do at club scrapping on Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to catch up with girls. I've also put my hand up to help in the Southern Cross Kids Camp Page Drive which I did last year (LINK to previous post). We produce 20 6x6 inch pages (one album) with embellishments for a disadvantaged child and their buddy to add photos of their camp to. For some kids this may be the only photos they have of their childhood. Will have to start this next.

It has rained all week but today is bright sunshine and very humid with a swampy backyard! The kids have been to a birthday party this morning at Krazy Maze so have had a good lunchtime sleep. Well must be off to prepare for our BBQ with friends tonight.

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Sarah Lou said...

That is great! my middle child is in love with that lay out!!