Sunday, 3 January 2010

The First LO For 2010

Well it didn't take too long for my first LO of Penny when she was a few months old. I am enjoying doing these photos as I kept a monthly journal of Penny's and Nicholas' progress for her first 9mths. I now wish that I had kept it going as it is very funny. Whilst my blog is good for remembering events I don't tend to put deeply personal bits and pieces on it. Maybe it is something I could begin again this year. Another goal coming up!
My new goals are posted at the side. I have readjusted the old goals to make them more realistic.
We have had a busy weekend. We took the kids for a ride on their bikes on Friday and got soaking wet so after drying off and a break in the showers, we went to play tennis at Nick's school. We had a good hit and only had to rest for one shower of rain. Today we ventured out for a brisk walk whilst kids rode their bikes around our local wetlands area, then onto a local leisure centre where the kids had a huge play and we rested with a coffee. This afternoon we went to the park to fly the kite that we had bought for our holiday last September. On holidays it was way too windy but today was just perfect with mild winds and a break from the rain. It was only a cheapy from the discount shop but worked brilliantly! I did 7 loads of washing full of clothes, towels and sheets as we expect the rain to return again for the next week. A storm looks ominous on the radar for later this evening.
Back to the gym again tomorrow and the kids have swimming again this week so some normality is returning. Fitness and eating correctly has become paramount in our house this weekend as part of the New Year resolutions. Penny decided to put on her sneakers and spurred Craig and Nicholas on to do some exercises with her this evening whilst I pushed the iron.
Well, I'm off to complete another LO of Nick as he has noticed the last few have been of Penny and asked if I could do one of him.

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