Sunday, 5 June 2011

Winter Is Here

Our nights have started to get quite cold now and this is usually what drives me to bed at night. The days are still quite pleasant though.
I recently scrapped this LO of Penny's Christening and was pleased to get so many photos on the page. Many of the photos are less than perfect but tell the story of a special family day. I even made the flower on the right hand page! I was also thinking how pretty cousin Alex looked in her blue dress when Trudie brought over a garbage bag of girls and a garbage bag of boys clothes. In the girls bag was the blue dress which Penny was very excited about although she'll need to wait a little time to fit into it. Nick fits into all of Lachlan's last years clothes which is very handy. Thanks Trudie.
I attended my national ultrasound conference in Brisbane last weekend which was very good as always. It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new friends along the way too.
Nick has been busy with school talks. A fortnight ago he did a talk on our family and tomorrow he will speak about Pluto. He painted a poster of Pluto and its 3 moons and he spent time typing the talk out on the computer. He is still to have a win at soccer but his team have scored more goals each week. He has decided to have a rest from swimming after 7.5yrs and I can't really blame him.
Penny is enjoying her dancing and is going to do her first tap exam in August which she is excited about and not a bit nervous.
Craig is still very itinerant. He wasn't home for many nights in May due to work and a fishing trip and not much is changing in June. We all have our happy little routine though.
I can hardly wait until the Queen's Birthday weekend when the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Show is on at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. My good friend, Petrina is coming down to stay so that we can attend together. I'm looking forward to seeing more of my scrapbooking friends from Bundaberg there too.
Have a great week.
Rach xxx


Petrina McDonald said...

how wonderful to receive the beautiful blue dress!! (I love hand-me-down clothes and only wish my children would receive some!!) I'm so looking forward to next weekend too :)

Linda M said...

Hi Rachael, D & I will be at the convention on Saturday. Have a good w/end with P - behave yourselves!!!

Shandell said...

Gosh you guys have been very busy lately :)

Cassie, Cathie and I will be at the expo this weekend too. Hopefully we will see you there!