Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Header

Do you like my new blog header? I created it all by myself! I find digital scrapping quite difficult and have no plans of switching over! After a tutorial by Petrina at the retreat, I decided I should put what I learned into practice. Unfortunately my brain had become a little cloudy since the tutorial but I got there in the end after 3 hours.
We are all recovering from a head cold but everyone seems to be on the mend. Nick had his first ever sleep over at a friend's house on Saturday night. He and many other boys camped out in the backyard and ate toasted marshmallows. They had a fantastic time although not much sleep was had and so Nick has slept Sunday afternoon away instead. The house was very quiet last night with just Miss Penny ruling the roost!
Have a happy week.
Rach xxx


Petrina McDonald said...

you are a clever kid Rach!! love the new banner!!!
how funny is this - the word verification for this comment is 'bertie' so that MUST be the name of that teddy in your banner!

Rachael B said...

Well he doesn't have a name on the file, just a number but I think Bertie suits him just fine :)

Linda M said...

Love the banner Rachael, well done.

robbinnski said...

Well aren't you a clever sis. Looks good Rach.. I'm impressed. Love Rob xxx

Shandell said...

The banner is great - you are so clever :)