Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Little Larrikin

At the beach the other day, Penny thought she looked pretty cool in Mummy's hat. I love the thought that she still thinks Mummy is lovely and cool and knows everything. It won't be long and she will think I know nothing and am so uncool.
We had a good day yesterday starting with a drive to a remote camping spot on the beach. It was a lovely location but I am unsure whether I could be without the basic amenities (power, toilet, shower) for too long. We did it as kids and I remember it fondly but I now realise how much work it was for Mum and Dad. We then ventured out to Bunnings to buy some plants. I chose some curly leaf basil which has a beautiful fragrance. It seems a little more bushy, so hopefully will last longer than other basil which tends to get too tall and woody, too quickly. We replaced some miniature roses with a row of gardenias which we are hoping to grow along the back fence for privacy.
I also managed some scrapbooking yesterday of an Easter photo from 4yrs ago. So behind but as I'm telling myself, it's a work in progress!!!!Nick is off to a bike riding party this afternoon, tomorrow we are going to see 'How To Train Your Dragon' and then he is going to stay with his grandmother for a couple of days. So we have the holidays all stitched up!
Have a good week.
Rach xx

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