Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Hunt

This morning we were all awake at 5.30am and the children had already cased the backyard from the back windows for evidence of Easter Bunny's visit. The hunt got underway at 6am and was completed by 6.05am with 2 happy children having scoured the backyard for 30 eggs (15 each). Mind you I think they wished the hunt would never end with a continual replenishment of eggs. The children then came in and sampled some of their bounty and also opened some Easter presents from my friend Tracey and also from their cousins in Brisbane. Of course it wouldn't be Easter without the Humpty Dumpty eggs from us. They both have very full baskets of goodies.
After some yummy hot cross buns for breakfast we decided to get some exercise and ventured to a local beaching spot with a great riding path along which the children rode their bikes whilst we walked. I also took photos of many different things along the way. We enjoyed morning tea overlooking the beach where there was much activity. With people fishing, wind surfers and kite surfers we were well entertained and we couldn't leave without building a sandcastle. We visited another beach where we enjoyed an ice cream and then home for a lazy afternoon.

We've certainly had a Happy Easter and I hope that you have too!
Rach xx


Linda M said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter with us Rachael

Petrina McDonald said...

we hit the beach this afternoon and nearly got blown away!! glad you had a great family day - happy easter bakers!!