Monday, 24 August 2009

It Feels like Summer

The weather at the moment is quite unseasonably warm for the end of winter. Today it was 28 degrees Celsius and it will continue tomorrow. Penny decided it was warm enough to put on her togs and dance under the sprinkler whilst I washed the car this morning. She had such a fun time although was a little chilly by the end due to the wind. Nothing a nice warm shower couldn't fix. We also painted pictures and made pink and blue iced cupcakes today along with a visit to the gym/creche. Our day began very early with a trip out to the airport to send Craig away to Sydney and Melbourne for the week. I'll be busy getting ready for my trip to a conference in Sydney, leaving on Saturday and returning next Wednesday. Getting ready involves lists, lists and more lists, cooking food, washing and ironing up to date and did I mention lists. I have a husband who has been way too spoilt by his mother and wife!!!
We had a busy weekend with 2 birthday parties at McDonald's and the Botanical Gardens which involved a train ride, out to dinner with friends on Saturday night and I managed to get in a couple of hours of scrapbooking with the girls on Sunday. We also had the usual dancing and soccer (Nick was player of the week). The children were still a little tired tonight so it was early to bed considering our early rise this morning which didn't allow for any sleep ins.

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