Monday, 17 August 2009

Dragons and Kites

Another week has flown by. I worked 3 days last week which seems to help the week rush by. The weekend had us at dancing and soccer (Nick's goal scoring run continues) and then on Sunday we visited a beach festival of kites. The wind was a little tame so it was quite difficult to get the big kites up but there were still plenty to see. The day was really warm and Nick and Penny just loved getting out on the beach. The sand dragon fascinated the children especially when they lit the fire in his flared nostrils. We saw camels and Nick found his new pet, a very tame miniature horse. We had a look around the market stalls and the children enjoyed a jump on the jumping castle. Penny was a little unsure at first but once Nick showed her around and took her down the slide a few times she was right into the action. We then followed up with lunch at the river cafe in town which was very pleasant.I am back to 2 work days this week which is very civilised. Penny and I had a lovely girls day today, with shopping, playing and cooking. After we picked up Nick, we came home and had a picnic in the backyard which we all enjoyed especially our dog, Zoe and cat, Holly. They love us being outside with them especially when food is on offer! We enjoyed freshly home baked pumpkin scones and pikelets. My kids just love home baking. It was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.


Tim Parish said...

I am able to comment on both Dragons and Kites... :-)

Possibly the most impressive inflatable kite I ever saw was a Dragon - we saw some great kites in 2008 at the Adelaide International Kite Festival down at Semaphore beach. Scroll down a bit to see the whopping orange-and-yellow creation, shortly after it was launched. Most impressive, even from some considerable distance away.

Petrina McDonald said...

how good does that dragon look!!?? and the kites too!! Now I am really disappointed we missed them :(