Monday, 10 August 2009

If You Go Down To The Woods Today ...

you're in for a big surprise. You guessed it, we had a teddy bears' picnic last Wednesday at Penny's daycare centre. The kids had yummy party food followed by stories and a search to find their hidden teddies. Wednesday was the only day Penny wasn't booked into daycare last week but we had to attend the party with her bear, Gundy. She had her outfit all worked out a week in advance.
Not a lot to report from the week as I worked 4 days of it. No scrapping but I've almost completed an educational newsletter for week. Now onto cards as I have many birthdays in September and October and a few new babies arriving too.
We had a good weekend beginning with a night out on Friday night with the kids at the Mexican restaurant. Dancing and soccer (2 goals for Nick - woohoo) on Saturday and then a girls afternoon out at "Hats and High Tea" for me on Sunday. My good friends, Linda and Joanne and I enjoyed a fashion parade of lovely clothes and hats and yummy delicacies. More work today and a couple of quiet days coming up. Nick is back to his fit, cheeky self thank goodness.

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Cassie and Co said...

Could that little girl penny look any cuter??? She certainly looks the part in that pink dress. Have a good weekend.