Thursday, 28 May 2009

Show Day

Today we had a holiday for the local show. I haven't been for about 12yrs and the children have never been so we decided to venture over. We enjoyed looking through the pavilions at people's handicrafts and cooking as well as a few animals. The children were in awe of the rides, especially the ones which tip you upside down in every direction. It was amazing how many games and rides were there, new ones and old ones that were around when I was a child. Penny enjoyed putting the balls in the clown's mouth while Nick enjoyed running through an undersea adventure house. They both had a go in some little bumper boats on water and the show wouldn't be the show without a ride on the merry go round which we could all partake in (Craig and I assisting the children). We contemplated the ferris wheel but the price for the 4 of us ($22) frightened us off. With a freddo frog show bag and some fairy floss we had 2 very happy children. It was great to see such beautiful weather for the show this year as last year there was very poor attendance due to torrential rain.
Well I'm back to work after almost 4 weeks off. It has been a lovely break but I'm looking forward to going back.

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Petrina McDonald said...

Our two had a go on those little boats as well - you should have seen Angus fold his legs up to get in there! I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves - we did too :)