Saturday, 2 May 2009

A Big Day!

This morning was a busy one with term 2 of dancing beginning again for Penny and Nick having the usual soccer game in which he managed to score a goal. Then home quickly to decorate the cake and then we ventured over to Krazy Maze for Nicholas' birthday party. He had 7 friends attend and they had a fantastic time and I'm sure they'll all be in bed early tonight. He received some lovely presents, Ben 10 being the predominant theme. The cake went down very well too with many having second helpings so that I had very little to bring home. I didn't make an overly big cake as in past years as I normally end up throwing so much out. While I always thought I wouldn't have a party for the children at a commercial place, I can really understand why people do. It is so easy - no cooking (except cake), no cleaning, no games to organise and best of all the kids just love it. It certainly was money well spent to see the children having such a great time together for a couple of hours.


Linda M said...

Lovely cake Rachael. Hope Nicholas has had a good birthday.

*** Kylie*** said...

What a cool cake!!! no wonder it was a hit!! Glad they all had a great day!

David said...

Rachael it was a pleasure to have Nicholas' party at Krazy Maze Cafe thanks for your kind words,good to read that you enjoyed it, hope to see you there often. D.H. Krazy Maze Cafe