Monday, 7 January 2013

Baby Possum

Back in October we found this baby possum making a strange noise outside the laundry one afternoon. I had heard the noise for at least half an hour but was not obviously concerned to go and investigate. Luckily I discovered the little one before our puppy, Pip. It was tiny, with only a light covering of fur but very cute. We left it alone for a while so that it could call out to it's mother in the hope that she'd return but at dusk it was getting quite cold so we wrapped it in a towel and heated up a wheat pack. We tried to contact a local wildlife station to no avail so possum was staying for the night. I kept heating the wheat pack up which quietened it down as did wrapping it up. We tried to feed it some puppy milk with a dropper but it wasn't very interested in this. We were unsure that it would make it to morning alive but Nick was up at 5am and ran in to tell us that baby possum had survived. We tried more milk but again to no avail so we contacted the RSPCA who told us to take it to a vet or the Uni vet hospital. As it was a Sunday we thought most vets would be closed so we packed our little possum into a box with the heat pack and delivered it to the uni in St Lucia. The kids wanted to keep it and rear it but our lives are too busy for a tiny baby possum and particularly as we have little Pip to care for we decided it was best. We decided against finding out what happened to baby possum but like to think that it had a favourable outcome.
Hope you've had a happy Monday.
Rach xx

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