Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I'm not sure that many people would read my blog now as I have been very slack at adding posts in 2012. Hopefully I will get around to blogging again this year as it is such a great diary to look back on. I think the reason I haven't blogged much as I felt I always needed to add a photo which I didn't always have ready to add to the blog. Well this year there may not be photos but words are just as important.

Do you like my new blog header? I am still adjusting the blog appearance, so you'll see some changes over the the coming days.

Usually I put up a single word to aspire to for the year. Last year was motivation. I only managed this in fits and starts but better than not at all. This year I don't have a single word, but a motto:
*the GLASS HALF FULL motto*
I plan to put a sign by my bed to remind me of this every day and night :)

What I would like to achieve in 2013:
1. TONE - my body
2. READ - especially since my family bought me a Kobo Touch EReader for Christmas
3. SCRAPBOOK - I haven't scrapbooked since we moved in August but have had 3 LO's published in the last 6mths
4. PHOTOS - take more photos as I rarely get my camera out now
5. HELPFUL - do good things for other people
6. TENNIS - join a social tennis group on my day off
7. ACCEPT - that I will turn 40 this year and not have ill feelings about it
8. LOVE - my family more than I already do
9. EXPLORE - get out and about more on the weekends and see this beautiful city

What is your word or motto or resolutions for 2013?
We are loving our new house although we are finding it laborious at times. I am painting bits and pieces at present as I am on holidays. Craig has been digging trenches for the plumber to replace our main water pipe into the house which ruptured on Sunday. Luckily we found a lovely plumber who lives nearby who was able to come and do a temporary fix for us yesterday. We are loving the pool and the kids are in it twice a day. Our puppy Pip is now 6mths old and gorgeous She was spayed just before Christmas and coped very well. We spent Christmas in our new home, just the four of us. Santa was good to the children and bought them a trampoline. We went to a local, favoured restaurant for lunch which was scrumptious and enjoyed an afternoon swim at home. 

Over January I will add some photos of the last 4mths of 2012.
Feel free to leave a comment as I really enjoy reading what you have written. Have a lovely day whatever you are doing. Rach xxx

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Helen said...

Hi,lovely to see you blogging again and hope to join you and blog more for 2013. My word is 'I choose' I will blog about it soon, once I have my head around it. Love your puppy. Again it's great to hear from you. best wishes for 2013 Rachael from Helen