Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Baker Going Ons

School is back in and the holidays seem but a distant memory. On the last weekend of the holidays Pam came back to look after the children whilst Craig and I attended the horse races at Eagle Farm. It was a cold day and we didn't come home winners but a fun day out with friends. We then picked up Pam and the kids and went to watch the fantastic Rugby Union Reds game on our friends' Pay TV. I didn't think I could get excited over such a game but it was great. My workplace images the Red players when they're injured and they are BIG guys.
This weekend I attended a Think Pink high tea at one of the school mum's homes with 70 other ladies. It was a fun afternoon and I even managed to win a prize of a voucher from a new boutique furniture shop in Paddington. Can't wait to go and check out their wares.
Craig has taken to the cycling phase and has bought a bike and all the gear. He is struggling a little in the botty area at present but has verbally signed up to do a charity ride to Longreach next May (@ 200km/day) so he's really going to have to ramp it up as he's only at 1-2km/day at present!
In other exciting news, Penny has lost the trainer wheels on her bike. We took her down to the park today for her first session without t/wheels and she got it! She still struggles a little to do a standing start but will have it in no time. I think the ballet may have helped with her balance perhaps and possibly the lure of a new pink bike for her birthday.
Not much else to report. This coming week I am off to the dentist and hope to keep my clean filling-less record and also to the optometrist where I hope not to come out with 4 eyes although between you and me, a needle is becoming quite difficult to thread. I have been doing some more scrapbooking. Here are some more LO's.

Have a great week.
Rach xx


Petrina McDonald said...

you have been a social butterfly, haven't you? good for you!!! good luck to mulga bill and his bike. perhaps penny could give him some pointers? i have it on good authority that the makers of sewing needles are economising by making the eyes smaller....this could be the reason for your difficulties?

Petrina McDonald said...

and i mustn't forget to make comment on the LOs because i can see you have used your stencil - very nicely too i might add!! that penny was/is so pretty!!

Linda M said...

My daughter in law loves the boutique shops in Paddington Rachael, so happy spending your voucher, when you have done that you will need a coffee at "French Twist", love their atmospher. Glad to hear you are settling in and having a great social life, good luck to Craig on his training !!. Hope you received your swaps.
Bye - Linda