Friday, 15 April 2011

I Almost Forgot

to let you all know that I am famous again! Finally, after 11mths my LO was published 3 times in Scrapbook Creations #86. It was supposed to be in the mag last year and I felt some disappointment when it wasn't in the appointed issue. With our move I was worried that I might not receive my layout back so on contacting the editor she told me it was in the current issue. Whoops! It's quite obvious that I don't subscribe to this mag anymore. The same layout was on the contents page, face page for the gallery and then in the gallery. I always feel a bit chuffed and the kids love to see themselves in the mag.
We have been ever so busy creating Easter gifts for friends and teachers. Penny forgot to hand hers out so we handed them to the children left at school and then the rest went to the girls at ballet.

School is over for term 1 and the holidays have begun albeit very quietly for us as poor Nick has full blown tonsillitis. He has been fighting 40degree temps and a viciously sore throat since last night. He is so flat and quiet and not himself at all. Hopefully he'll be fighting fit for Easter.
Thank you to Helen and Shandell who sent me the versatile blogger award. I am hopeless at getting these done but will endeavour to do so soon.
Happy Friday to you all.

Rach xx


Linda M said...

The highs and lows of life, hope Nicholas picks up soon, especially with the Easter bunny in sight... so glad you found you layout, must buy the mag... take care

Petrina McDonald said...

love that layout - that is THE BEST photo :)