Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Great Beachy Christmas!

We had a great Christmas at the local beach. My parents and sister ventured up from Adelaide and my brother and his family came up from Brisbane. We stayed in some lovely new apartments situated about 100 metres from the beach. The kids had a great time in the pool but also equally enjoyed their time in the surf. Nick gained great confidence on his boogie board and was even riding the waves kneeling on his board. We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch made special by the gorgeous name tags that the cousins, Alexandra and Lachlan had made as well as the Christmas crackers that the children and I made. We also enjoyed fish and chips at the beach one night with possums keeping a close eye on us and a scrummy goodbye BBQ dinner on Saturday night. We didn't want to come home after 5 days but it was great to get organised and for the kids to get all of their presents out properly at home.
On our arrival home, Penny was greeted with her new playhouse which was a little too big to take to the beach. She is loving playing games and trying to fit all of her dolls and their accessories in it. Nick spent much of yesterday building all of his new Lego City Coast Guard. He received two big sets for Christmas and built them all by himself.
Today we farewelled my sister, Auntie Robbie. The kids have loved playing with her and Penny started crying as soon as her plane took off - "I want to play with Auntie Robbie!". We are hoping to visit Adelaide in May and she hopes to come back during 2009. Also today, our poor Labrador, Zoe had a toe on her back foot amputated due to a fast growing tumour. She's home tonight and appears to be in good spirits with a waggly tail although a little sleepy.

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