Monday, 2 February 2015

First Week of School

Nic and Penny returned to school on Tuesday with one major difference - they were at different schools. They had a great first week.

Nic has begun year 7 at St Peter's Lutheran College at Indooroopilly. He had a fantastic week and we watched his confidence soar day by day. He catches the train by himself, is managing his timetable, a new phone and laptop very well. We are really proud of him. He has made new friends and is happy to ask for help if he is lost or has a problem.

Penny is in year 4 and has a wonderful teacher. She is with her good friends and is happy to be back.

In other news, we have adopted a new baby - a Westie pup named Hamish. We met him on Saturday after telling the kids we were travelling out to Calvert (1hr from Brisbane) to look at a shed. They received the shock of their lives to see a litter of  7 Westie puppies on their front lawn. Nic and I will go and pick Hamish up on Thursday afternoon when he will be 8wks old. We're very excited and hope that Pip enjoys the company after a major adjustment period of course. We spent yesterday puppy shopping and puppy-proofing the house.

Have a great week.
Love, Rach xx

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Robyn West said...

Hi Betty Baker,
I just googled your blog account to see if there were any updates as I do enjoy reading your blogs. You write them very well and i always have a giggle at the antics of the Baker Family.
When rereading this blog I realised how fortunate you were to have shown Nick how to catch the train after Nicky's "Lost at School" event. I have told many a Mum your story and they all had the same comment "BOYS"
I think you should continue with your blog as it is a good diary too and your friends and family are scattered throughout Australia and the world so it is a good way of keeping up to date with the goings on in your life. Not that I should comment given I don't even have a blog, but you are the organised sister so it is expected!! HAHA
Love to you all and keep blogging.
Love your sis. xxx