Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Book Review x 2

My recent reads include:

Elliane by Judy Nunn
I really enjoyed this book but I think that was in part due to the setting being in Bundaberg where I spent 16yrs post graduation. She has researched this area and it's history very well. It's a great story with a good twist. 

The Winter Sea by Di Morrissey
Again a very well researched book. I have read all 21 books Di has written and even had the chance to meet with her at a book launch and signing. Katie Cleland (Little) gave me the first book when I was in hospital 22yrs ago! Di always manages to make a place sound so special. Pretty good story too although I have to say I have enjoyed her earlier books more as far as fiction goes.

Have a good day.
Rach xx

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