Friday, 3 May 2013

Hello There

Another long absence but for good reason. Shortly after my last post we were robbed. Due to the invasion of privacy I shut myself down to all social media but have slowly returned. I find it's important to blog as it is my diary. So here is what we've been up to.
In March, Craig and I went away to Bonville (just out of Coffs Harbour) and stayed at the international golf course. We went down for a 2 day work function for Craig's company but it was the most superb location and food and was very relaxing. Our night at the Gold Coast at the Marriott on the way home paled in comparison. I also turned 40 in March - how horrid. Unfortunately, I can't change that but would if I could.We also went to Caloundra for a night to meet up with some old friends from Bundaberg which we all enjoyed.
We spent Easter at home relaxing. My brother, Richard and his family came to stay for a night just after Easter on their way through. It was a great to catch up. Nic wasn't very well over Easter and the first week of school holidays but after some antibiotics he was ready for tennis clinic the following week. Nic was runner up in his tennis group and received a medal. Penny received a certificate for her tennis prowess.
Nic is now sporting a new look with a set of glasses. We all agree he looks very brainy! Nic has begun soccer again and is also filling in at tennis fixtures during the week from time to time. He is loving his sport and is trying harder with his school work. Nic has celebrated his 10th birthday this week and is having friends over for a sleep over this weekend. Hopefully we'll get some sleep tomorrow night! On the cubs front, he has been on a camp to Kenilworth which he loved and he proudly marched in two marches on ANZAC day with his cub scout group. They marched at Graceville (local) early in the morning and then went on to march in the main city march late morning. He was one tired boy after soccer practice that evening!

Penny is busy with dancing. She has ballet and tap exams in a few weeks and will perform in the junior performance team at the Sherwood School fete. She is still swimming and playing tennis but her main love is dance.
Craig is madly training with a back pack filled with sand as he is walking the Kokoda trail later in the year. He is also playing golf again and having some success with his old form beginning to return. He has had 2 x hole in ones in the last 4mths too.
Our darling little Westie pup, Pip is fast approaching one. She loves to eat shoes and steal all manner of things and head out to the front garden with them. Nic and Penny are quite used to going to look for their missing school sneakers out in the yard. One day they may actually put them in a cupboard so she can't get to them. Pip goes to the groomer occasionally and came home sporting this little bow which she didn't really like. She's a bit of a scruffy tom boy so I don't think it really suited her.
Well, I think that is enough for one post. Hope you're still with me. Oh and I have started scrapbooking again and have had 2 layouts accepted for photographing for a magazine. Will post some photos of my LO's soon.
Have a great weekend.
Rach xx

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Helen said...

You all sound so busy Rachael, lovely to hear from you. I am attempting to return to blogging too. Looking forward to seeing some of your scrapbooking soon. x Helen