Thursday, 15 December 2011

RIP Our Dear Holly Cat 30.06.1996 - 15.12.2011

This morning we had our sweet Himalayan cat, Holly put to sleep. After fifteen and a half years her heart had decided that it was too tired to go on. We feel so sad and have such heavy hearts at present but are remembering what a beautiful natured cat she was. In the early days of her life she was a little neurotic and used to go and hide in the drains. She would travel through the drain system in Bundaberg and we would find her up to a kilometre from home! She also wasn't very fond of men and would take off when they arrived. I think she used up her nine lives in those early days and from then on, Holly decided that the home life was for her. She decided to be lazy like our Labrador Zoe and lie around in the backyard and wait for food and cuddles. She has lived out her days in a lovely enclosed yard in Brisbane and enjoyed much love and cuddles from us all.
Bye beautiful Holly, you were very much loved.

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