Monday, 28 November 2011

Busy end of year

Life is a little manic at present as I am sure it is for most. Penny spent all of Saturday morning at dancing practice and then we went to the dress rehearsal on Sunday afternoon (5hrs) for her concert which is on this weekend coming. I am one of the dressers so stayed to help dress the girls in their various costumes and apply and reapply make up. We came home feeling rather tired but pleased last night.
Craig flew home for 30hrs over the weekend so that we could attend his Christmas party. It was a lawn bowls party. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner followed by bowls on an undercover carpeted surface (due to rain). The children also came and enjoyed playing with the other kids.
I've pretty well completed and wrapped the Christmas presents. A job I unfortunately loathe every year as I have no idea what to get anyone. Certainly feels good to get it out of the way. Mind you it is a great feeling to give something that is appreciated. Just have to do my Christmas cards and letter now.
Penny and Nick had a rides day at school on Friday in lieu of the cancelled rides at their community day. They had a great time although Penny's little upper arms got so burnt and are still recovering. They had another lovely swim in the neighbour's pool on the weekend.
I've done a little more scrapbooking. Here's some of the latest.
Have a good week.
Rach xx

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Petrina McDonald said...

i love seeing the layouts you do with photos from when the children were little!!! good on you for being so organised with the presents!