Sunday, 11 September 2011

About Time ...

for another post. I was waiting until I had edited some photos but I haven't 'found' enough time. Poor priority of time is probably the answer.
What have we been up to? Well I have worked 9 out of the past 10 working days due to holidays and illness of other sonographers at my practice. Of course Craig has been away. Penny has been busy with ballet exams and thoughts of aspiring to a stage career as well as thinking about what to wear and how to dance at the school disco. Nick has had a facial altercation with the fireman's pole at school and still has bruising and a swollen face 2 wks on but no fracture thank goodness. He also decided to have illness consisting of a cold and temps which was in my very busy working week but we managed. He was my helper at work. Today Nick received a trophy at his soccer break up and was also chuffed to win the raffle which is a Roar jersey with his name and number and all of the team's signatures on. Makes up for all of the bad luck he has had recently.
My parents arrive on Tuesday to help out with holiday care and to see our Brisbane house which will be lovely. Also a special good luck to my little niece, Alex who goes in for major surgery on Wednesday all being well. She has already had a false start after becoming unwell 2 days before this surgery was scheduled a week ago.
Here are a couple more LO's. I haven't done too much scrapping recently but plan to get back to it soon.

Have a happy week.

Rach xx

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Linda M said...

Hi Rachael, hope the holidays have gone smoothly for you.