Sunday, 6 February 2011


This week has been incredibly hot and humid but we shouldn't complain as our north Qld folk have fared much worse with Cyclone Yasi hitting the coast. Yesterday Craig pulled out the kid's water slide which we thought would work a little better in our new yard as we have a slope but as all our outside taps are run off water tanks, the pressure was very poor. Craig stood with the hose directly on the slide and sprayed the kids as they went down. They had a lovely time. Today we visited the local pool which was very busy but very refreshing. It is a really big complex and caters to all ages of children well with 3 water slides and many pools. We've had heavy showers of rain early this afternoon but the sunshine is returning and I fear a return of the hot humid weather.
I am beginning work this week after 8wks holidays. I am really looking forward to getting gel on my hands again and working through a list of patients to gain a feeling of achievement and usefulness and also helping people.
Nick and Penny are managing their new school well although Penny doesn't really enjoy the walk home at the end of the day. She started ballet this week and really enjoyed it. About 8 girls from Sherwood Prep were in her class which was good for familiar faces. We had an impromptu BBQ with some friends we made on  the first day at school. They live around the corner from us, have 2 little girls (5yo, 2yo), have just moved to the area and are renting the other house we looked at. We all have a lot in common and look forward to many more meals together. Penny(mother), Charlotte (2yo) and I have enjoyed a couple of morning teas this week after we've dropped the kids to school.
I have done a bit more scrapping this week (LO's above) and we've have decided to start on a Valentine's Day project at home evidenced by the heart on our door.
Have a happy week.
Rach xx


Linda M said...

Nice to hear you are settling in and starting to make new friends. Hope you enjoy your first day back at work.

Petrina McDonald said...

the valentine's project has me intrigued - can't wait to see what you are up to!

Helen said...

I love the heart on your door. The way the heat is the photo of the kids enjoying the slip and slide made me want to join them.