Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brisbane Floods

Well I can assure you I have had troubles sticking to "relax", my one little word this week. Whilst we have been so very lucky so many down at the end of our street have been much less fortunate with water up to their roof tops. (photo above) The devastation is enormous and very depressing. Craig helped some people down the street move all of their furniture out yesterday. We had Craig's work colleague and his family of 4 (plus dog) stay with us last night. Luckily the flood levels didn't reach those predicted and the water stopped inches short of their front door. Unfortunately there are sewage problems with their apartment complex though so they are off to a motel for a couple of weeks. I have been chief cook and bottle washer and baby sitter. Feeling pretty exhausted tonight and so lucky that I can have a more restful sleep in my own bed. My brother and his family are all OK too. After an anxious wait, the flood waters stopped 4 houses short of their place. Now for the waters to recede which they are already doing and the clean up to begin. Craig's offices and depot were completely inundated and will be non-operational for up to 6 wks so they have found a new depot to work out of so that fruit and veg can get moving again.
Keep you posted.
Rach xxx


Shandell said...

Glad to hear you are all safe and dry :)

Linda M said...

Rachael, good to hear all is well with you, I was confined to Dayboro the past week, luckily all was well though the little town of Dayboro didn't fare too well. I managed to get home today (yeah) and was amazed at how good the roads were on the journey north. Amazing to thing that yesterday people couldn't get through. Take care, Linda