Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Anzac Day

Nicholas was very taken with the idea and meaning of Anzac Day this year. We attended our first ever official Anzac service (other than school) on Saturday at the local park. Unfortunately we missed the march but could participate in the service by singing very heartily, the National Anthem. Nicholas and Penny are great patriots and enjoy singing Advance Australia Fair. A mustang plane did several low fly bys much to the children's delight.
In the afternoon the children attended a birthday party at a nearby playground which was lots of fun and ended with us feeding bread to ducks, geese, swans and turtles.

On Sunday, I went out scrapbooking with my club and did a couple of double page LO's that I had planned for the retreat. They just need the finishing touches added and then I'll put them up. When I came home from scrapping, Penny was off and pedaling on her little trike (instead of being pushed) and so Craig decided it was time for her to try the bigger bike which she also managed.
It was a lovely sunny afternoon. The days have become quite hot again but the nights are starting to cool right down. Here is a lovely photo of my beautiful Himalayan cat, Holly resting in a plant pot.

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